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Superb review of Dark River Melody

"Reading this book was like listening to beautiful, haunting music. The sounds will linger in memory long after the last note has been sung," says Jackie Law in her superb review of MD Murphy's debut novel: book can be purchased on Amazon:


Another rave review for Hitchcock Murders

 Gavin Collinson's gripping crime thriller, The Hitchcock Murders, has received another glowing review, this time from Adventures in Time and Space. You can read it here: book can be purchased from Amazon:


Greg Cummings on Kenya

 Greg Cummings, author of bestseller 'Pirates', comments on the Kenyan tragedy:"The attack on Garissa University in which 147 people died at the hands of bloodthirsty Somali Islamists again demonstrates the vulnerability of a corrupt open society bordering a recovering failed state. Garissa is in north-eastern Kenya, less than a hundred miles from the Somalian border. That such a vulnerable target should be so lightly guarded says much about the priorities of Kenyan politicians. They