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The hero of Baddha has a moment of enlightenment while visiting a Burmese monastery with his traveling companion, Frog. Confused by the experience, he wants to recapture and explore the deep feelings he had there and enrolls in a course held in a Buddhist retreat to learn how to breathe. Finding that the retreat is populated by pseudo-hippies from the West, and taught by monks who seem interested only in money, he abandons any hopes of learning and begins a road-trip.

His journey takes him around the countries of the region – Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand – where he has wild drug and alcohol-fuelled adventures and muses on his deep relationship with a beautiful and enigmatic Lady-Boy prostitute.

During moments of crisis -- including a near-death experience -- a mysterious old man keeps fortuitously appearing. He does not hold back his opinions and tries to guide the hero through the complexities of Buddhist beliefs, and the difference between those beliefs and the thoughts expressed in the hero’s journal.

Eventually finding a kind of peace running a ramshackle store with the old man, his life is once more thrown into turmoil when his old companion dies.

Truthful, mysterious, revealing and brutally honest, Baddha explores the West’s concept of Eastern culture and compares it to the reality.

  • Published: Aug 2012
  • Extent: TBC
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781908122346
  • RRP: £7.99

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