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Derek Strangely runs a safari company with his side-kick Pedro, a Tutsi with a sad history. After stumbling upon a mauled Congolese child soldier they also find what he had hidden - three large diamonds. The diamonds belonged to General Cosmo Zomba wa Zomba who presides over the Congolese jungle with his Corporal, Duke Amin, thwarting the efforts of the UN Peacekeepers at every turn. Hired by the mysterious diamond merchant, Richard Katz, Derek and Pedro go to the Walikale region of the Congo, closely followed by the young and idealistic Natalie Cox who is determined to reveal Katz's illegal trade.

Kidnapped by Cosmo and force-marched into the wilderness, the four hostages become pawns in a dangerous game. It seems that the murderous Madame Azziza Nshuti is at the heart of everything. What is she up to? Is there a link between her and Katz? Can Cosmo trust her? Can anyone trust her? Has she corrupted members of the UN?

As Lake Kivu threatens to release a deadly gas over the inhospitable terrain, the hostages' lives are in the balance as they try to escape their captors and avoid the drug-fuelled, violent and unpredictable child soldiers. Will they get away before Cosmo and a rival war-lord join forces to destroy the UN camp? How far will General Cosmo go to retrieve his diamonds when he discovers Derek's secret?

Fast-paced, gripping and a genuine page-turner, Cummings' action adventure marks the arrival of an author who rivals Wilbur Smith at the height of his powers. 


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