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E-Book Summer Sale

Date Added: 29-07-2013

Pack your Kindle for the summer! We're offering a selection of Cutting Edge Classics at a huge discount- only £1.53 each. Click on the titles to go to the Amazon page and get downloading! 

Malice In Blunderland – Jonny Gibbings

A unique, politically incorrect, rash, brash, comedic farce, featuring the ultimate anti-hero. Major film scheduled for release in early 2014.

Telling Stories – Beverley Jones

A reunion of four university friends results in secrets, lies, and tragedy. Jones subverts the chick lit genre in a darker shade of lipstick, marking the emergence of a major new voice in British fiction.

Holiday Money – Beverley Jones

A brilliant, gripping thriller by the queen of 'Chick Lit with a twist'. A phone call out of the blue changes Jen's comfortable life forever, as she is forced to go to extraordinary lengths to protect all that she holds dear.

Blue Murder at the Pink Parrot – Ruth Ramsden

A thrill-filled murder mystery set on the Sussex coast, told with wit and the occasional crack of the whip. Combines the sexuality of Miss Whiplash with the sleuthing ability of Miss Marple to hugely entertaining effect.

The Tattooist – Louise Black

Erotic fiction for the thinking woman... Three women fall under the spell of an enigmatic tattoist who will permanently mark their bodies and their minds.

Baddha – Elson Quick

Perfect for the grumpy old man in your life! A middle aged man tries to recapture a moment of spiritual enlightenment, with interesting results...

Gorillaland – Greg Cummings

A cracking adventure yarn of kidnap, blood diamonds, civil war and ecological catastrophe set deep in the Congolese jungle.

Dead Cat Bounce – Seth Freedman

A North London Jewish bad boy becomes a member of the Israeli army, a Mossad agent and a Guardian journalist. 

Cursive – Alex Wyndham Baker

A tale of love and loss stretching from colonial Africa in the 1930's to the edgy travel hot spots of today.