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Date Added: 29-05-2013

Every month, Cutting Edge Press will be promoting one of our 2012 titles by offering the e-book at a super reduced price.

For June, we'll be offering up Ruth Ramsden's kinky murder mystery, Blue Murder at the Pink Parrot for £1.53.

Click here to visit the Amazon page.

It’s the start of a new series for Ruth, featuring sleuthing heroine JJ – a struggling artist by day and professional dominatrix by night. Check it out if you like your murder mysteries a bit kinkier than the average Miss Marple...

“Witty and well-paced, Ruth Ramsden’s debut erotic thriller, Blue Murder at the Pink Parrot, has all the romp and paranoia of a Wilkie Collins’ novel.”Erotic Review

Available for £1.53 until the end of June!