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Greg Cummings on Kenya

Date Added: 04-04-2015

 Greg Cummings, author of bestseller 'Pirates', comments on the Kenyan tragedy:

"The attack on Garissa University in which 147 people died at the hands of bloodthirsty Somali Islamists again demonstrates the vulnerability of a corrupt open society bordering a recovering failed state. Garissa is in north-eastern Kenya, less than a hundred miles from the Somalian border. That such a vulnerable target should be so lightly guarded says much about the priorities of Kenyan politicians. They would rather keep pace with Kenya's economic growth by pocketing the spoils than protecting its open society from outside attacks. 

"According to this year’s budget Kenya has allocated over $180 million for security intelligence, as much as the United States department of Homeland Security spends on protecting New York City. And yet there is little evidence of any investment where it counts. They are proposing to build a wall along the border with Somalia, at a cost of billions, for which Kenyans fear more money will be siphoned into corruption. Rather than hide behind a costly wall, Kenya needs to fill the holes in its political integrity, which threaten the values on which this nation was built, as well as its citizens."