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Nearest Thing to Crazy launches at Belgravia Books

Date Added: 27-06-2013

Cutting Edge Press is delighted to launch Elizabeth Forbes' latest title- Nearest Thing to Crazy.

Belgravia Books will be hosting the launch tonight from 6.30pm- the book has already been garnering rave reviews across the blogosphere, and we cannot wait for it to be unleashed on the public! 

“I f***ing adored this book…It's one of those ones that make you want to grab the characters by the neck and shake them around a bit…will keep you gripped and guessing and questioning your own assessments of the story and characters all the way through.” - Book C**t

“Stunningly intelligent plot that scares the absolute shit out of you and makes you question your sanity.” - Book Geek

“Sometimes a book comes along that totally blows the mind… there is no doubt that this is going to be one of my Top Ten Books of the year.” - Anne Cater – Random Things Through My Letterbox

“A distinctly dark heart beats at the centre of this story and it is when this darkness rises to the surface that it grabs the reader firmly by the throat… an energetic page turner which grips the reader early on and refuses to let go.”  - Dan Powell Fiction

"I love books that consumer you emotions, and NTTC definitely does that...5/5." -